Back on the Huel

After spending December ingesting as many calories as humanly possible, January came round with a bang and my relaxed eating and drinking came to a juddering halt. 

Looking up from my plate (for a change), I decided to jump on the bandwagon and lose a few kilos. The damage from December was already starting to show, so it was time to wind it all back in. 

After all, it’ll be beach weather before we know it!

In addition to slogging through ‘Dry January’ (which is infinitely easier than I’d predicted), I’m replacing lunches from Pret with Huel. This isn’t my first foray into the meal replacement arena and Huel is the solution I keep coming back to. 

After battling with a NutriBullet and Huel powder for quite some time, I opted to order the ready to drink option in pre-mixed containers. It’s even better, in my opinion. Keeps me full long after lunch and I usually pair it with some fruit and a coffee. 

It’s great for business travel and I pack a few bottles in my suitcase when I know I’ll be faced with an unhealthy conference buffet. Or two. It minimised snacking and means I don’t have to give lunches a second thought. As I’m not really a breakfast person, except for the much needed injection of caffeine, all I have to plan (and enjoy) is dinner. 

Let’s be clear: Huel isn’t going to translate into miraculous weight loss. That’s what the running and walking is for. But it’s a great way of stripping out unnecessary calories and snacks and it’s purer than pure in terms of ingredients. 

I’ve also branched out to experiment with their new snack bars, but I think that’s a blog post for another time. It’s time for dinner!

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