Easing back into it…

I think now that it’s the second day of 2020, we can safely put the holiday season behind us, right?

This is the first day back at work for many (though not all) people in the UK, but I planned ahead and decided to ease myself into 2020 – I’m just working a couple of hours today and tomorrow, all from my home office.

It’s always a funny time of year. Only a couple of days ago, people were still in the post-Christmas hangover of day-based confusion and over-eating the food they’d over-purchased.

Now, with the arbitrary passing of a date in the calendar, we’re all supposed to move on, get back into the rhythm of a normal working week and, if the TV is to be believed, turn into the best version of ourselves possible.

A bit of a shock to the system, no?

As I wrote earlier, my plans for 2020 are all about Simplicity and Self-care, so I didn’t want to through myself back into the hurly-burly of work immediately. Nor did I want to change all my behaviour in one go – that just doesn’t stick.

So yes, that was me on the sofa for hours yesterday, finishing off the Stilton and crackers, then gorging on the final Ferraro Rocher chocolates. I did, however, kick off ‘Dry January’ and ran 10km. So a game of two halves, as they say.

Today, I started with a quick 6km run and now I’m in Starbucks reviewing a client proposal that’s due at the end of next week. It’s the kind of task that’s a welcome break from TV and eating, but doesn’t require me to head into the office.

Tomorrow will be more of the same – morning running and then a few hours of proposal writing and some general admin. I might fit in a trip to the cinema before the weekend arrives and then my adjustment to the ‘real world’ will be complete.

(Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

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