RIP our Christmas Tree

We flew back from Scotland yesterday evening to find that our Christmas tree had basically exploded in our absence and shed 80% of its needles.

Quite the mess.

We gathered up as many as we could and prepped the tree for disposal today. But every time I accidentally knocked against the tree with the hoover, another few thousand needles flew off and undid all my work. Not the kind of frustration you need on a Monday evening.

@TheFrankFlyer removed the remaining decorations and packaged them up – many of them had simply slid off the wilting branches, then bagged the tree for disposal.

This morning, I woke to find he’d brought it down and returned our living room to some semblance of pre-Christmas normality.

I’m relieved, to say the least. As soon as the 26th December rolls round, I have a strong urge to remove all Christmas decorations and return to normal, non-festive life.

While waiting for our baggage at the airport yesterday evening, a small girl behind me started singing ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ and I felt my gut tighten in response! I feel like I’ve overdosed on Christmas music this year and I’m keen to move on into 2020.

Plans for this evening, the last in 2019, include lying on the couch watching TV, working my way through our stockpile of chocolate, drinking Brewdog’s ‘Speedbird 100’ IPA and generally wishing the year into the very distant past.

Here’s to fresh starts – just like this blog!

(Photo by Tj Holowaychuk on Unsplash)

3 comments on “RIP our Christmas Tree

  1. ethnicolor

    I only decorate when it’s our turn to host, so Christmas cards and a bit of ivy were the only decorations that went up this year. I’m not really a Christmas fan, and I *despise* the vast, planet-busting *waste* that Christmas instigates. This year I kept gifting to a minimum and insisted that no-one give me anything; I’m blessed, and I have quite enough of what I need. Instead I donated to organisations that help others, and I’m already wondering what I can do to make better use of my time and resources to do more like this in 2020. Also, I really liked learning more of your journaling in the previous entry (which has comments turned off) – I like reading about how others are adapting paper journals to their digital lives!

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