Experimenting with Notion

I’ve been a fan of digital note-taking for quite some time and, despite ether occasional experiment with other apps, I’ve mostly relied on Evernote. 

But over the past year, it’s become more than clunky to use and the discrepancies in functionality and usability between its various platforms are more than a little annoying.  In my frustration, I moved over to Apple Notes for all my personal stuff, feeling dependent on Evernote for everything else.

But I may have just identified a replacement for both – which would be my ideal, if I’m honest.

It’s called Notion and the simplest way I can describe it is if Wikipedia and Apple Notes had a baby and that baby had mutant powers. Its flexibility can be daunting, but right now I’m using it to create a personal wiki, with all the information I want to hand. Regardless of platform.

I’ve replicated the notebook structure I set up in Apple Notes to get me started. But now I have tables, databases, links, images and every other delicious ingredient Notion has to offer. It makes it easy to include tables of contents, links between notes, checklists, reminders and it all plays nice with Markdown.

Today, I spent some time gathering my notes about goals and projects for 2020. I also have a travel ‘notebook’ where I’ve stored all my travel plans for the coming year. Including bookings, dates, locations, ideas etc. Yes, it could all be in Apple Notes, but linking between notes is still clunky and it doesn’t accommodate Markdown.

Plus the interface is just gorgeous.

I’ve also saved ideas for blog posts, each of which can be expanded into a note of its own. Add to this a list of films and books I want to enjoy next year and perhaps you can tell just how excited I am about this.

Is it for everyone? Absolutely not.

But for those of us who feel more comfortable having removed ideas from our minds and stored them somewhere securely, it’s perfect.

If my experiment with Notion pans out in a month, I’ll import all my Evernote content and use it for work too.

Watch this space.

(Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash)

2 comments on “Experimenting with Notion

  1. ethnicolor

    OMG just what I don’t need; a new notebook and wiki tool! MUST… RESIST… CHECKING… YET… ANOTHER… BEAUTIFUL… NOTE APP 😬

    Liked by 1 person

    • Come…come to the dark side 😂

      I’m seriously smitten with it and spent a few hours yesterday evening putting in a lot more content. It’s infinitely more flexible than Evernote (Kanban boards! Calendars!) and more attractive than Apple Notes. I think this is the app that will replace both for me and I’m more than happy to pay for it when I reach the limits of the free version.

      I think another blog post is required (make sure you don’t read it!)


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