Silicone sleekness

So my new iPhone case arrived and I have to say: it’s a step up from the last one.

The last case I’d used cost me about £7 and was bought, sight unseen, from Amazon. The new case is Apple-made, cost four times that amount and was the result of spotting the case @TheFrankFlyer put on his new phone.

It seems Apple has updated their silicone cases. I had one many years ago and resold it almost immediately as the material it was constructed from made it almost impossible to remove from my trouser pockets. There was a ‘stickiness’ to the silicone that seems absent from the new model. It still adds some very welcome grip to the phone, but doesn’t seem to pick up dust and stick to material like the last one.

So yes, my iPhone looks and feels like a brand new model. Gadget lust has been fed. It adds a little to the size and weight of the phone, but as it’s an XS Max, it’s not exactly light to start with!

I really like how it looks. As most of my other accessories are black (e.g. notebook, wallet, pen case etc), it fits right in. I’ve seen some great novelty phone cases over the years, but they’re just not for me. Whatever helps the phone blend into the background is what I’m looking for.

And I’m really not brave enough to go case-free. I mean, I feel my heart thump and my palms sweat when I see someone else drop their phone. So mine is kept as safe as possible at all times.

This matte black silicone case from Apple ticks all the boxes. It’s on sale (at the moment) from Amazon and you can find it here.

2 comments on “Silicone sleekness

  1. ethnicolor

    Likewise, I got an “emergency” Apple silicone case for my previous phone, intending to replace it with a wallet-style case when they became available. However after a few months I really took to it, and so when I got my 11 Pro Max, the Apple silicone case was a natural. Now, they do wear a little at the edges, and you may also find after a year they begin to peel at the main contact points. But I love the look and feel, and I love coordinating the case with my watch strap!

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    • I went through any number of the Apple silicone cases in previous years and didn’t like them (Others did, so they were easy to offload on eBay!). But this one seems to be quite different, in both texture and weight. I’m not sure I could stretch to having a different case for each of my Apple Watch bands though!!!


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