Making the old new again

I have to admit I spied when I read this tweet from David Pierce the other day – it reminded me of my own relationship with mobile phones:


I can only agree.

I’ve been so very happy with my iPhone XS Max since day one, despite its unwieldy name. And I didn’t even upgrade to the iPhone 11 when it launched back in September. But I have updated its case half-way through the year, which left me thinking I had a whole new phone.

Earlier today, I bought a new case – the new Apple silicone case in black – which will arrive tomorrow. My existing case was showing its age and the Apple one was on sale on Amazon. And therefore, once applied, I’ll have a brand new iPhone.

If it doesn’t feel ‘fresh’ enough, I’ll update the wallpaper and lockscreen.

Which is a lot cheaper than shelling out another £1200.

This may be the first time I’ve kept an iPhone for two years without upgrading. Is this a sign of growth and maturity, or what?

(Photo by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash)

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