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Celebrating National Stout Day

Without realising it, I managed to celebrate National Stout Day yesterday. I was out with friends at our local Brewdog in Canary Wharf, when I spotted an Instagram pal mention it.

No further excuse needed to order a flight of dark beers – and I was so glad I did.

Stouts don’t end with Guinness,  delicious thought it is. I sampled four glasses of black magic and came away with a new favourite: Jet Black Heart. Stout is perfect for the kinds of cold, wet evenings we’re getting in London these days.



Out of the four sampled, only SunMaid will be avoided in future. It was just too bitter and punchy for my tastes. Libertine came a close second, but it’s quite strong, so not for an everyday pint.

I’ll stick to Jet Black Heart when I feel like a pint of something dark and tasty. (Just as well I made it to the gym this morning, to undo some of what the stouts will have added to my waistline…)

1 comment on “Celebrating National Stout Day

  1. stevemorton

    I mis-read that as National Stoat Day 🙂

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