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Planned over-consumption

My in-laws are visiting from Spain this weekend, which can mean only one thing: over-consumption of food and drink.

I left work early yesterday (my boss is generous like that…and suave and good-looking) and headed to the Draft House Chancery for a few pints with an old colleague. An excellent pub with an excellent selection of beers, it was tough to leave. By the time I made it home, the champagne had been opened and @TheFrankFlyer thrust a glass in my hand as soon as my coat was off.

Greetings and pleasantries ensued, the champagne continued to flow and I was getting very hungry. Frank had reserved a table at the nearby Burger & Lobster, on West India Quay. I haven’t been there for ages and, to be honest, my last meal there was distinctly sub-standard. But I was starving and would have ravished a meal deal from Boots if it had been available.

My review of the menu extended beyond the burgers (for a change) and due to a combination of hunger and more champagne, I ended up ordering some kind of combo platter. In other words, I went to Burger & Lobster and I had burger and lobster. And I can tell you now, I finished every morsel on my plate. It was delicious and I’d definitely have it again.


We went back to the in-laws’ hotel for a nightcap and, in lieu of the pint of Guinness I thought I needed late at night, the bar man brought me an excellent bottled stout. It was delicious, but in my rather ‘relaxed’ state, I forgot to take a pic. I’ll have to go back another time.

Incidentally the new Lincoln Plaza hotel in Canary Wharf is a delight. It’s one of the Hilton’s ‘Curio’ brand establishments and is a welcome break from the monotony of other local hotels. Some great design inside and amazingly attentive and friendly staff.

I’m now writing this, post-shower but yet to put any clothes on (it seems like too much of an effort right now), slightly tired and bracing myself for this morning’s brunch. We’re going to The Big Easy here in Canary Wharf, for (inevitably) the ‘Big Pig Gig‘ bottomless brunch. Limitless supplies of BBQ meats, with a side of either of bottle of prosecco or a litre of beer. This has been the scene of my downfall on many previous occasions, but I’ll do what it takes to be a gracious host and join in with the over-consumption.

I predict a nap later on, hopefully after I’ve managed to avoid any post-brunch inadvisable purchases – which has also been known to happen. I do have some errands to run (to waddle?), which I hope to accomplish before heading back to bed to refresh myself.

It’ll all come to a crashing end tomorrow when they leave and I’ll return to my normal eating and drinking habits.

And hopefully feel slightly healthier as I do…

Now to actually get dressed and stop providing the neighbours opposite with what I can only assume is the visual highlight of their week: my tired and aging naked form, balancing a laptop on my knees as I sip a much-needed coffee.

4 comments on “Planned over-consumption

  1. I should not have looked at this delicious photos while sipping a Huel & Kale shake 😅😅😅

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  2. Enjoy their visit! Naked hugs!

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  3. ethnicolor

    Good man! Enjoy!

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