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Huel ready-to-drink? I’m in.

Now that I’m coming to the end of my first order of Huel’s new ready-to-drink product, it’s time for a quick review and a reveal of what I’m going to do next.

In case your short attention span prevents you from reading to the end, here’s the TLDR summary: I love it as a product and a solution and have signed up for a monthly subscription.

Basically, it’s a slightly amended version of the traditional Huel powder that I get delivered and make up in my Nutribullet blender. It’s a bit thicker – not too thick – and has a nice, inoffensive taste. Each bottle is the equivalent of 400 calories, contained in a vegan and super-healthy combination.

I’m not vegan, though. A quick scan of this blog will highlight my penchant for BBQ and burgers! No, I like the standardised nature of the product, the convenience of it and the price. Subscribing for 24 bottles a month brings the prices down to £2.50 a bottle, which is a lot cheaper than most ready-made sandwiches here in that there London.

My plan is to continue to have Huel in the blender each morning, mixing in a banana and some frozen fruit. Then, I pop a pre-chilled bottle of ready-to-drink Huel in my backpack if I’m heading out to work. When working from my home office, I’ll stick to the blended version.

This has worked so well for me in the past few weeks. I’ve not skipped any daytime meals (which usually results in me gorging on something vile before the day is out), I’ve saved a bunch by not popping into Pret every day for my lunch, and yes, it’s contributed to my weight loss. The running has helped too, I’m sure!

If I sound like a convert, it’s because I am. I don’t arrive home from work ravenous, as it keeps me full all afternoon. I don’t have any energy crashes mid-afternoon. And I have a normal, average dinner each evening. You know, with ‘real food’? 😜

I’ve taken it on a couple of business trips already this year – once to a conference and once to Dublin. I packed it in my suitcase for the Dublin flights and checked them in. Obviously, you can’t bring this stuff past security in your carry on. A very minor inconvenience for the benefit of always having a healthy breakfast and/or lunch in my bag when traveling for a few days.

I’m not bringing it to Japan this week – holidays are for enjoying everything, including the magnificent buffet breakfasts offered by the Hilton Tokyo. Not to mention the food and drink I’ll be enjoying courtesy of Finnair along the way.

But I’ll be right back on the Huel wagon as soon as I return to London – mostly because I’m straight off on an overnight trip to Warrington and will need a healthy alternative to the food I know will be on offer.


10 comments on “Huel ready-to-drink? I’m in.

  1. After seeing you blog about this a couple of times, I’ve investigated it further and it looks great for me while I’m at work. I buy far far far too many sandwiches in any given month and it’s affected my waistline as well as my wallet. I’m going to see if this can prove to be a healthier and cheaper option 🙂

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    • That’s definitely what works for me. If you’d like to try a bottle before buying 12, let me know and I can supply you with one 😀

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      • Thanks for the offer 🙂 I’ll see how I get on with the powder first. I’m keen to experiment with things like coffee or honey… and also the flavour samples I’m getting.

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      • Coffee works great with it. As does frozen berries. I’ve never tried the flavours from Huel , so will be interested to hear how you get on.

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  2. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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