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Another Japanese experience in London

I’ve just read that one of Japan’s most popular curry chains has opened a branch in London – and I couldn’t happier. While I’m partial to the occasional Indian curry, there’s something about the Japanese style that I just adore.

CoCo Ichibanya has apparently opened in Covent Garden. I’m a little frustrated, as I walked through there yesterday and didn’t spot it. Though that might have been something to do with the storm that was lashing London at the time and the fact I was soaked to my skin and dashing for the tube.

It’s definitely going on my list of places to try in the New Year (no, I’m not going on a crazy New Year crash diet or personal reinvention!) as there’s no time between now and Christmas. Especially as I’m working in Dublin Tuesday to Thursday next week. It doesn’t leave much time for random lunches, as I’ll working right up to the holiday.

You might wonder if all the Japanese things I love arriving in Europe might convince me there’s no need to visit Japan anymore. Not at all. With trips planned for next month and again in August, I still honestly don’t think I’ll have enough Japan in my life in 2019.


3 comments on “Another Japanese experience in London

  1. That’s what you get for walking through Covent Garden naked! 😝 This sounds cool though. Thanks for the tip! I’ll try to check this out next year too 🙂


    • Ha ha! While I may have cycled past Covent Garden naked, I’ve never walked through it like that. And definitely not in December. But seriously – that weather?!?! If you go to CoCo, let me know what you think. They really push the boundaries of what people here think of as ‘curry’.

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