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Bermondsey Beer Boys

A few weeks back, I attended the Fourpure Brewery’s fifth birthday celebrations. And you can’t spell ‘birthday’ without the letter b. Which is also in beer.

So, you know, fate?

Or just an excuse for an afternoon of beers and long overdue catching up.

Anyway, I assembled the ‘beer boys’ (as our WhatsApp group is charmingly named), we bought our tickets online, and duly turned up to a surprisingly sunny Bermondsey on a Saturday morning.

I made sure I’d enjoyed a hearty breakfast, because we were treated to a free beer as soon as we arrived. I didn’t fancy falling asleep at the table due to a ton of beer on an empty stomach. Schoolboy error.

I’m a fan of Fourpure’s citrus-infused brews, so started with some of their delicious ‘Easy Peeler‘. And continued in that vein with other citrussy tastes until it was time for a few of us to sit in on the tasting session we’d booked.

And so, we got to taste several of the Fourpure creations I might not buy normally. The guy running the session was justifiably proud of the creations and could tell us their backstory and even explain how the flavours might land with us. It varied between standard, super-sour (I’m not a fan) and hot and sweet.

Hands down, my overwhelming favourite was the Sugar Skull porter. It has incredible mixed flavours including chocolate and chilli. At 7%, it’s definitely one for sharing, especially given the size of the can! And what a beautiful label!


All in all, a great day out at the Taproom – one I’d definitely recommend to any Londoners who fancy getting out of their beer comfort zone. Just a few days later, I went online and bought a selection of those I’d tasted (you know, to be sure) and they were delivered the very next day. How’s that for service?!


(Yes, I know that the first one in this pic is from Beavertown – they were taken as a friend and I did a tasting in my apartment one evening and that particular IPA was also in the fridge. Delicious, actually!)

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  1. Cool! Naked hugs!


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